Enjoy real conversation, face to face, device free. Test your knowledge of your partner, share intimate secrets or explore the wild side – you choose what you are in the mood for!


    Take a break from your phones and TV nights and have some old fashioned fun with this game of questions.


    A night of fun, laughter and new level connection guaranteed! Challenge yourself on how well you know your partner, learn something new about them and spice things up!


    Whether you want to have fun with friends at a dinner party or cottage, something new to do on a date night or to heat things up in the bedroom you will find it in the box!


TALK game promotes conversation and connection. Take turns answering the questions and testing your knowledge of each other. The idea is to get to know your partner better and have fun! This game is fun to play with friends or on a date night.


FLIRT game promotes flirting and intimacy. Pick a card, answer the question and take turns revealing your secrets. Just be playful and go with the flow! Play this game with your lover on a date night!


DARE game is for those who want action and consists of fun, flirty dares with a touch of kinky. Take turns doing dares on the cards and explore your wild side! Play this game alone with your lover or at a wild party!

Game Features

Ready to have some fun and move past conversations about the household, to do’s and work? Want to test your knowledge of your partner’s likes, dislikes and secret wishes? How about reigniting the passion and flirting as if its one of your first dates? The game is versatile and can be enjoyed by every couple -from conservative couples to wild ones. Can be played on a cozy romantic night on the couch or at a fun get together with friends. Three games in one – something for everyone!
  • Designed With Love

    We designed the game for like-minded, busy couples who don't have the time for romance. As busy parents we know what it's like, so we created this game for you. Couples who play together, stay together!

  • No Complicated Rules

    There are no complicated, confusing rules. Simply take turns answering the questions or doing dares, have fun and go with the flow. Pick your game based on the setting and the occasion and get the ball rolling!

  • 3 GAMES in 1!

    There are 3 games in 1. You can choose whether tonight you are in the mood to TALK, FLIRT or do DARES. If one game is too vanilla move on to the next and vice versa.

Deepens your connection and stimulates conversation


HOW TO PLAY: Take turns picking a card and answering the questions. The idea is to test your knowledge of each other’s likes, dreams and preferences as well as get to know your partner better. This game is fun to play with a group of friends or on a date night.

Anna & Jack

Techies by day, hipsters by night

We played this game at a friend’s house with three other couples. We played TALK game, where you have to guess your partner’s answer to the question, such as: “If you were to quit your jobs and move to anywhere in the world, where would your partner want to go?” and things even got a little competitive! I was surprised how I actually didn’t know my boyfriend of 3 years nearly as well as I thought i did. Oh and it was so fun watching other couples dynamic and how they were trying to guess each other’s answers. We had a great time, lot’s of laughs and bought this game for ourselves so we could play the FLIRT and DARE games at home on a date night. And so we did, and lets just say things got really heated!

Promotes flirting and intimacy and ignites a spark


HOW TO PLAY: Pick a card, read the question, then take turns answering and revealing your secrets. Just be playful and go with the flow! As an option, mix the cards with the DARE deck, if you are up for wild times. Play this game with your lover on a date night!

Tom and Erica

Photographers and new parents

We loved the game! We work together, we are raising a child together and its so easy to get caught up in the day to day life demands and forget about each other. This game really brought in a new spark and we actually learned a lot about each other in the process of playing. We’ve now played this game many times, at the cottage, on a date night and even got it as gifts to some of our friends that we played it with.

Gets you to explore your wild side


HOW TO PLAY: Pick a card, read the dare on it and take turns doing them. Each player can skip three times. Don’t be shy, have fun and explore your wild side! Play this game alone with your lover or at a wild party with open minded friends!



Halyna is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for entertaining people at her dinner parties, travel, fitness and family. Halyna is also a mom.


Art is an entrepreneur through and through, who is passionate about gaming, soccer, travelling and is a devoted family man.

OUR Friends

We couldn't have done this without our friends! Who tested the game and provided feedback to make it most fun!

Our mission

In a world of overuse of gadgets and busy schedules its easy to get disconnected from your partner. With the help of our initiatives, we want to bring back the old fashioned fun, stimulate time offline and help couples connect on a deeper, more intimate level.

Our story

We always loved hosting friends over and were known for our very fun get togethers and games we would make people play. After having children we found that quality time together doesn’t come naturally and you have to put in lot’s of effort to keep the spark alive in a relationship. So we created the game that will do that for you, so you can really connect, flirt and enjoy each other’s company. After testing the game on many different couples, bugging all of our friends to play, and making improvements based on their feedback we brought it to life. We hope you enjoy it!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I buy TALK FLIRT DARE card game?
A: The game can be bought on Amazon or here on the website.
Q: Who is this game for?
A: The game is for couples. It can be played on a date night or at a get together with friends. All types of couples of all ages (17+) will find something in the box for them.
Q: How many cards are included in the game?
A: There are three separate games in the box, and each game is basically a deck of cards. There are three decks of cards, 50 cards in each deck – total 150 cards.

Q: Where can I find the instructions?
A: The instructions are in the box. Also they can be accessed here. 
Q: Are there extension packs?
A: After the popularity of our game we began working on our first extension pack. Stay tuned.
Q: What is the return policy like?
A: If you find that the game is not for you, 100% money back is guaranteed.